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Albert Haynesworth Suspended: Mike Shanahan Says It Was An 'Easy Decision'

Now that Albert Haynesworth has officially been suspended for the remainder of the season, and his career with the Redskins appears to be over, there is no shortage of disparaging voices coming from the organization. Now that he isn't a part of the locker room, nobody is afraid to say what they really think about him.

That includes the head honcho, Mike Shanahan. According to Rick Maese and Sally Jenkins of the Washington Post, Mike Shanahan didn't really lose a lot of sleep while trying to decide if suspending Albert Haynesworth was the right thing to do.

"Let's be honest," Shanahan said in a telephone interview Tuesday evening. "This is an easy decision. This isn't even hard. When I get rid of a guy, I do it because it's in the best interest of the team, and I consider everybody."

That's the truth. Everybody may be totally and completely surprised (sarcasm) that Haynesworth got suspended, but those of us who have been following the story all along are more surprised it took this long. Haynesworth has been a distraction nearly every week since June, and the Redskins have finally decided that enough is enough.