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Morning Commute: What The Suspension Means For Albert Haynesworth

Yesterday the Redskins hosted the area's top football players at their training facility to meet a couple of their players and take part in a photoshoot. I was there as a videographer. I arrived well before the players showed up so that I could set up my equipment. Right as I walked in through the front door, I turned around and saw a big SUV pull up to the curb. Sure enough, it was Albert Haynesworth.

There's a huge parking lot for the players to park in, but Albert insisted on just pulling up to the curb in front of the building. Typical. I pointed him out to my editor, and we both watched him walk into the building, then walk out ten minutes later. He wasn't screaming his displeasure, he didn't even have a disgusted look on his face. In fact, we had no idea that he was there to be suspended until we heard them talking about it on Sportscenter from the Redskins' training room.

If you had just seen Haynesworth walk out of the building as I had, you would have had no idea that he was just suspended for four games, forfeited a ton of money and ended his career as one of the most disappointing players in the long history of the Redskins. And maybe that is for the best.

The Redskins are clearly done with Albert Haynesworth, and based on his temperament, he is done with them too. They'll move on and get someone to fill his place that is more invested in the team, and he'll move on to the next opportunity. It's unpleasant, but this public divorce might be the best thing for both parties.

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