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Brian Mitchell And Phillip Daniels Continue Their Ongoing Feud

Whenever an issue as divisive as the Albert Haynesworth suspension happens, a feud always tends to break out in this town. And so, I present to you the latest noisy-but-pointless player-media member feud: Brian Mitchell vs. Phillip Daniels. The former is a Redskin legend that's now a radio and television analyst, and is known for speaking his mind and taking Haynesworth's side. The latter is arguably the most respected player on the Redskins and is known for responding to his critics on his Twitter account.

It all started when Daniels was highly critical of Haynesworth on Monday. Mitchell heard these comments and called out Daniels on 106.7 The Fan yesterday, saying Daniels "sucked" in the game against the New York Giants and had no right to talk. In response, Daniels posted this message on his Twitter account.

Yeah i heard what B-Mitch said. Don't bother me too much coming from offensive guy but don't be two faced....Now I see what my friend Clinton Portis had to go through with B-Mitch. Dude don't attack me when I never said anything about play on the field. It's one thing to be ignorant but two faced also. Get real.        

Because being called "two-faced" is somehow worse than saying a player "sucked," Mitchell had to issue a response to Daniels' response. Today, he did that to open up "The Mike Wise Show" on 106.7 The Fan. 

Based on Mitchell's response, you'd think "two-faced" was a four-letter word. Here's how he opened the show.

"My question to Phillip Daniels is, what is the definition of two-faced? Is it a person that goes around acting as if they like you and then they go behind you and begin talking behind your back? Well, I don't think I've ever praised Phillip Daniels. I've been critical of the D-line for the longest time.  He didn't say anything about play on the field, but that's the absolute problem with a lot of people on that football team. They always do something with the media, do something with what someone is saying. Why don't you discuss your play on the football field? Why don't you discuss what you can do to make the football team better?"

"Know your definition of two-faced before you call someone two-faced."

But wait, it gets better. Mitchell had this to say about players who have the gall to respond to criticism about them.

"There's a lot of guys that have come in here and gotten rich. They make a lot of comments about what the media says, what the old players say, but they haven't done enough to begin to be what the Redskins fans see the Redskins as."

And then it got even better.

"I will put my career on the line against any damn one of them. I perform, win lose or draw, I perform. Go look at the stats. They speak for themselves. But these guys just sit up here and get mad at somebody for saying this, this and that. But I look at play on the field. Has the play on the field been up to par for Redskins standards? Hell no."

And then Mitchell took on Twitter, in hilarious fashion.

"Everybody wants to jump on Twitter, and oh you're great because you can jump on Twitter. How about you jump on Twitter on how to play football? If you become a better football player, I think a lot of things will work out?"

I thought that was what Yahoo! Answers were for? Dammit, I knew I was using the wrong service.

And finally, the dramatic conclusion:

"Many people said I sucked when I played. You know what I did. I went on the football field, played, and shut them up. You can't beat nobody in the media by talking. You can't intimidate me for sure. You can say I'm stupid. You can say I'm whatever. Ignorant may be one of the statements that could describe Brian Mitchell. But two-faced? I want you to learn the definition of two-faced before you use it, Mr. Daniels. I would advise you to go play better football, because you can't win this situation homey. Point blank."

It was nice of Mitchell to call Daniels his "homey," at least. Daniels is expected to respond on the show later this afternoon.