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Albert Haynesworth Suspended: Mike Shanahan Says Dan Snyder Played 'No Role' In The Decision

For years and years, the primary criticism with the Washington Redskins was that owner Dan Snyder meddled too much, but that doesn't appear to be the case with regards to Albert Haynesworth's suspension. Speaking in his regular press briefing, Mike Shanahan told reporters that he never consulted with Snyder before making up his mind about Haynesworth.

"No he didn't. I haven't even discussed the situation with Dan," Shanahan said when asked about it. "Dan has been completely supportive since I've been here. He's going to give me a chance to do things the right way and build this organization the right way. There's going to be some growing pains and we'll make some mistakes along the way, but we'll also be full speed ahead." 

Shanahan also provided more closure to the situation. He said Haynesworth didn't want to play in almost any of the defensive alignments the team wanted, and therefore, it was an easy call to suspend him.

"It was just time to go in another direction. I've never quite been through a situation like this before," he said.

"I've really had a pretty good relationship with him for the most part," Shanahan said. "It was never argumentive, for the most part. Obviously, there was a lot of drama with all the press coverage, but when someone dictates when you go in and when you won't go it, that just was a little too much for me."

Shanahan said he kept trying to make things work, but it just didn't happen.

Earlier, Vonnie Holiday said the team's plan was to have Haynesworth play in first- and second-down situations against the Giants, but he didn't want to do so. He also said he talked to Haynesworth last night and said Haynesworth still wanted to play. 

(Shanahan audio via 106.7 The Fan).