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Andre Carter Has No Sympathy For Albert Haynesworth's Plight

For all of Albert Haynesworth's complaining about the scheme and the way the Washington Redskins used him, he at least was playing the same position. Andre Carter, on the other hand, was not. As a down lineman in Greg Blache's 4-3 defense in 2009, Carter had his best year in quite some time, posting 11 sacks and 48 tackles. His reward for his production? A move to linebacker, which did not suit his talents in the slightest when it happened a few years ago in San Francisco.

But unlike Haynesworth, Carter hasn't made a scene. He's been forced into a part-time role that's killed his production, yet he does his job, doesn't complain and does his very best to succeed in whatever capacity he's needed. So you can imagine how Carter feels about the stunts Haynesworth has pulled all season.

Thanks to Brian Murphy at Homer McFanboy, we now know for sure that Carter was having none of it.

When asked about the Haynesworth situation, Carter responded with probably the most fitting phrase, asking, rhetorically, "When is enough enough?"

"I understand that the scheme doesn't necessarily fit Haynesworth," Carter said. "But, if I recall, he said the same thing last year when we were in the 4-3. He didn't think the scheme fit him. It comes to a point when you ask, ‘When is enough enough?' The coaches have tried to talk to him and ask what he would like, but they can only meet you so far. At some point the situation is going to change and they're going to have to say, ‘This is what we need you to do. Are you going to do it or not?'    

It's one thing for a coach to say this, but Carter has lived through everything Haynesworth has this year, so when he says it, it speaks volumes. More Carter:

I've never seen a defensive tackle with so much athletic ability. He's strong as an ox. He can moves opposing players around. If he wants to, he could do that every play. But you've got to go out and do that every play. You've got to be motivated. Do I question his motivation? Sometimes, I do. I think fans do, some of the players do and some of the coaches do, but from what I've heard this isn't any big secret.    

The latter quote isn't exactly a new revelation, sure. And yes, other parties deserve blame for how this whole saga went down. But if Andre Carter can live with being out of position, there should be no reason Albert Haynesworth can too.