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Albert Haynesworth Suspended: Redskins Owner Dan Snyder Stands Behind Mike Shanahan

Dan Snyder apparently gave a brief media conference today at Redskins Park prior to his charity event with former Redskins great Joe Gibbs. Naturally, he was asked about the team's decision to suspend Albert Haynesworth. Snyder's response was to back his head coach.

(Via Rich Campbell of the Fredericksburg Free-Lance Star).

Dan Snyder, at a charity event, would not address the Haynesworth situation: "I think Mike Shanahan speaks for all of us."    

The response isn't surprising, considering Shanahan said on Wednesday that the decision to suspend Haynesworth was made without consulting Snyder. When pressed to elaborate on Haynesworth's tenure in Washington D.C., Snyder said he clearly wished it would have worked out better. 

Snyder was also asked whether the Redskins would try and recoup the bonus money Haynesworth received in April. Snyder declined to comment, saying "You'll have to ask Bruce [Allen]." In his daily press conference, Mike Shanahan didn't close the door on that possibility. Via Redskins Insider:

"I'm not exactly sure at this time exactly what we're going to do or what direction we're going to go. We just concentrate on the next game at hand, and that'll all take care of itself in time."        

More generally, Snyder asked fans to have patience with the way the team has played this season. Via Campbell again.

"Obviously where we are in the season is for all of us not where we want to be right now, but we're making progress."