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Redskins Injury Report: Albert Haynesworth Among Many Listed As Questionable

Once again, Redskins coach Mike Shanahan appears to be irked by Albert Haynesworth talked. When asked about Haynesworth's ankle in his media session today, Shanahan said Haynesworth has not had any setbacks. Naturally, one reporter followed up with a question about whether he would play this week. Shanahan's response?

When asked if Haynesworth would play Sunday, Shanahan said, "Do we have to go through this every week?"    

That was via Mike Jones of TBD. And yes, Mike, we do need to go through this every week.

Anyway, here's the injury report, via Redskins PR.

OUT: Anthony Bryant (concussion)

Questionable: Haynesworth, Anthony Armstrong (groin), Chris Horton (ankle), LaRon Landry (wrist), Kareem Moore (knee), Clinton Portis (wrist), Trent Williams (knee/toe).

For more on the status of Williams, go here. For more on the status of Moore, go here