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Half Smokes Highlights: Great Moments From Redskins-Rams Games

When the Redskins face the Rams, it has all the historical and national significance of such noted rivalries as Packers vs. Seahawks or Bills vs. Bengals. It might not be the first rivalry to roll off the tip of your tongue, but the two have come together to provide more than its fair share of classic moments over the last decade.

2002: The Rams were coming off a season where they were one drive away from winning the Super Bowl against the Patriots. Though they weren't quite the same team they were the year before, they were heavy favorites against the Redskins, who were finally righting the ship after an 0-5 start. In the closing minutes of the game, the Rams were down by three and driving for an opportunity to force OT or go for the win. 

You can never sleep easy with Kurt Warner driving down the field, but you can't sleep tight knowing LaVar Arrington is after you on every play either. In an era filled with disappointments, the Redskins' win over the Rams was one of Steve Spurrier's brightest moments.

2005: Three years later, the Redskins were in need of another mid-season statement win and once again, they got against the Rams. At 5-6, the Redskins needed a win to resuscitate their playoff hopes. Clinton Portis acted as a one man defibrillator, running for 136 yards and two touchdowns as the Redskins beat the Rams 24-9. The game kicked off a five game winning streak that helped the Redskins clinch a playoff spot.

2006: Unlike the year before, the Redskins had nothing to play for entering their rematch. At 5-9, their fate was already sealed, unlike the Rams, who still had a shot at a wildcard spot. Even though Washington had nothing to play for, they gave the Rams a run for their money, pushing the game to overtime before Steven Jackson won it with a 21 yard touchdown.

2008: This is the game most fans remember for one play that reversed the direction of momentum for that game, and arguably, the rest of the season. 

O.J. Atogwe's fumble return was the difference in the game as the Rams went on to win 19-17. After starting out 4-1, the Redskins went on to lose six of their final ten. A win against St. Louis would have kept them in the playoff hunt going in to the final week of the season and given the Redskins something to play for in a game they wound up losing by three. With those two wins, the Redskins would have taken the final playoff spot away from the Eagles and Jim Zorn would have made the playoffs in his first season as a head coach. Try not to let your head spin too fast thinking about that.

2009: No highlights from this game, but that's what makes it memorable. The hideous brand of football fans on each side witnessed provided a glimpse of what was on the way for the rest of the season. Even in its ugliness, great battle between the Redskins and Rams over the past few years have given us plenty of memorable moments.