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Redskins Vs. Rams: Rams Fumble Kickoff, Leading To 21-Yard Santana Moss Touchdown

Just like that, the Redskins are back in the game against the Rams. Just one play after Reed Doughty forced a fumble that was recovered by Lorenzo Alexander on the Rams' kickoff return, quarterback Donovan McNabb found Santana Moss for a 21-yard touchdown pass. The Rams' lead is now just 14-10.

It all started when Doughty slammed through the St. Louis blockers to force Marty Gilyard to fumble. After a mad scramble, where it looked like the Rams recovered, Alexander ended up with the football. On the ensuing play, the Redskins ran a play-action bootleg, and McNabb zipped a ball across the field to a wide-open Moss in the end zone.