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Morning Commute: How 'Bout That Ground Game?

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I know. We're all sick about talking about the Redskins running game. But when you lose a game to a team that hasn't won in almost a full calendar year, you have to talk about something. This year, the popular thing to blame has been a ground game which has been remarkably ineffective through three games.

But the story up until Sunday was that the Redskins couldn't move the ball on the ground when they tried to. On Sunday they were effective when they tried to run the ball, they just didn't do it that often.

Against the Rams the Redskins averaged 6.8 yds per carry when they decided to keep it on the ground, but they only had 17 rushing attempts all game. Sure, they were trailing for most of the contest, but for most of the game it was close enough that they didn't have to abandon the running game completely, especially when it showed that they could pick up some yards.

Last week, Clinton Portis said that they only reason people were being critical of the run game was because the Redskins lost. And that may be true. But if they keep losing, we're going to have to keep talking about something. As long as it appears the coaches have lost faith in it, that's going to continue to be the running game.

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