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Clinton Portis Fell Down Because His Hand Hurt

There has been much speculation today over the status of Clinton Portis, and why Portis fell to the ground without contact during the Redskins 30-16 loss to the St. Louis Rams. Responding to questioning on the issue, Coach Mike Shanahan stated that Portis went down because of an injured wrist and and there was concern. that he would fumble the ball.

It should be noted that Clinton Portis stated that he was perfectly healthy, with no lingering injury concerns.

The wrist injury that Portis suffered is what ultimately forced Shanahan's decision to use Ryan Torain in the second half at running back.  Yet despite the wrist injury, Portis was still inserted for one series in the second half in which he received a pass out of the backfield.

Which leads to the question, if Portis was too injured to continue running for extra yardage, why is he catching passes in the third quarter? There is a logic breakdown somewhere at Redskins Park, and Coach Shanahan is going to need better explanations of some fairly inexplicable events if the season keeps progressing at its current arc.