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Trent Williams Comments On His Availability For Sunday's Game At Philadelphia

Trent Williams didn't play last week, and nobody is sure yet if he is going to play Sunday. According to Matt Terl, that includes Williams himself, who doesn't know yet if he'll be ready to go after suffering a knee contusion and a sprained toe in the first game of the season.

First, he did practice "a little bit yesterday," although he says his status for Sunday in Philly is still up in the air. "It felt good to be actually back out there on the field with my teammates and going through the gameplan," he said. "But, y'know, still uncertain for this week, and we won't know until later on in the week."

Unable to avoid the topic of the week, Williams was also asked if he felt it was important to return in time to protect Donovan McNabb in his return to Philadelphia.

"I think it's important to me that I be there," Williams said, "but I wanna be there for every game, not just 'cause he's going back to Philly. Philadelphia's another team in the NFL that we have to play. A lot of that stuff, the extracurriculars, it all comes down to what we do between the hashes."

This is the first time I've heard somebody say something along the lines of "it's just a normal game for us," that I actually believe.