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2011 NFL Mock Draft: SB Nation's Latest Mock Has Redskins Taking QB Blaine Gabbert

SB Nation is compiling a new mock draft each and every Monday and this week's edition has good news for Redskins fans that want the team to spend its first round pick on the quarterback of the future; if you put a lot of stock in what these mocks mean for actually draft strategies that is.

The Mock Draft that came out today has the Redskins taking Blaine Gabbert, the Missouri quarterback that declared himself eligible for the draft last week. Here is what they have to say about how he fits.

Mike Shanahan tried the veteran quarterback route in 2010, and now Donovan McNabb is on his way out of D.C. Expect the Redskins to stick with Rex Grossman in the short-term while Shanahan works with another project.

I think that Gabbert would be a great pick for the Redskins. He would give the fan base the optimism and hope that a new quarterback brings to the franchise, but he seemingly represents a lot less risk than some of the other elite signal callers who could be available when the Redskins are drafting.

Cam Newton only has only been performing at a high level for one year, and there is not telling if his skills will translate to the NFL. Jake Locker really hurt his stock with a mediocre senior campaign and represents some of the same risks as Newton in terms of being too reliant on his mobility. Ryan Mallett showed in the Sugar Bowl that his incredible lack of mobility could be harmful at the next level.

Gabbert might not have the flash or numbers that those three guys have, but he is good enough in all aspects of the game to be a successful NFL quarterback. He has enough mobility to evade a pass rush and a good enough arm to get the ball down the field accurately. Among quarterbacks in the first round, he should be the safest choice, which is a path the Redskins don't normally tread. But it might be a good option this time around considering their draft failures in the past.