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NFL Free Agents: Detroit A Potential Landing Spot For Albert Haynesworth

The more observant readers will notice that Albert Haynesworth technically isn't a free agent. Well, not yet anyway. Haynesworth is still under contract with the Redskins, for the next few years actually. But nobody expects him to be with the team next season, and it is basically just a matter of time until the Redskins sever ties with the most expensive distraction in the league.

So where might the big man land in 2011, providing of course that football will be played that season? Tom Kowalski of recently went through the Lions' roster position by position looking for areas where the team could improve, and claims that Haynesworth might be an attractive option for the Lions at DT.

It won't be a shock if they make a run at Albert Haynesworth because his days with the Redskins are numbered. Schwartz and coordinator Gunther Cunningham love Haynesworth and believe he could be an ideal fit.

The contract situation is more plausible and the Lions aren't looking for him to come in and rescue the defense -- he'll just be another piece to the puzzle. If the Lions can get 17 to 20 high-octane snaps out of him a game, that line truly would be impressive.

All of this, I believe, is assuming that Haynesworth gets released. I don't think that the Lions would want to trade for him and bring him on for 17-20 snaps a game at his current salary. Whether that type of reserve role would even be attractive to Haynesworth is another question.

But the Lions run the type of 4-3 that Haynesworth thrived in while playing for the Titans and wished that the Redskins had stuck with. So he probably could be successful win Detroit. But do they really want to bring in Haynesworth with an impressionable and potentially great young player at his position in Ndamukong Suh? Only time will tell.