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Morning Commute: How Did Cam Newton Play In The BCS Championship Game?

Having a great performance in the BCS Championship game, or really any high profile bowl game, is a great way for a prospect to boost his draft stock in his last game as a College athlete. There were a lot of players on the field last night who had that opportunity, but none more so than Auburn quarterback Cam Newton.

People had already been talking about Newton as a near lock for the first round, with some including him in the top ten. So let's break down how Cam did last night, and see if he helped or hurt his stock; here are the numbers:

20/34 - 265 yds - 2 td - 1 int. to go along with 64 rushes on 22 attempts.

Not the best numbers in the world, but certainly not bad. But the way in which he got those numbers is the truly impressive thing about his performance. There were many times that Newton could be seen wincing in pain after some hard hits delivered by the Oregon defense, but he persevered and did enough to get his team an all important win.

Auburn had control of the game until Oregon tied it up with a few minutes left. Newton had the opportunity to drive in for the game winning score and a National Championship. It's those ind of drives that a player makes his reputation on. Michael Dyer certainly had a lot to do with it, but Newton's impact can't be overlooked.

When it comes down to it, Newton just did what he has been doing all year. Win. And that is all you want from a starting quarterback in the NFL. Whether this is the type of performance that will pique the Redskins interest remains to be seen.

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