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2011 NFL Mock Draft: Reaction To Nick Fairley's Dominant BCS Championship Game

Cam Newton was probably the biggest name in the BCS Championship Game but he didn't have the best performance, and he certainly won't be the player picked highest when the NFL Draft rolls around in April. That distinction goes to Nick Fairley, Auburn's dominant defensive tackle who spent most of his time in the Oregon backfield last night.

Chris Low had some quotes on from Fairley himself and those most affected by his performance, namely Oregon coach Chip Kelly.

“Nick Fairley proved he was the best defensive lineman in the country. It was a tough matchup for us,” Kelly said

As for Fairley, he was ready to take the credit as a defensive unit as opposed to just personal accolades.

“Man, our defense … we showed America everything we’ve done each and every Saturday out there on the field,” Fairley said. “Like I said, we’ve been doing this for 14 weeks.”

Fairley was already a consensus top ten pick, but with his performance last night he vaulted himself into the conversation for first overall pick. If he was even remotely thought about as a possibility for the Redskins at ten overall, then those notions can be laid to rest. I wouldn't expect him to last any later than the first three or so picks.