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2011 NFL Mock Draft: More On Quarterback Possibilities For the Redskins

We've been talking about quarterback prospects who could entice the Redskins seemingly since Rex Grossman was named the starter towards the end of the season. John Keim breaks down the prospects at the Washington Examiner, including a bunch of prospects we have already talked about here; Ryan Mallett, Cam Newton, Jake Locker and Blaine Gabbert. But he also talks about a couple other guys that we haven't mentioned who should be available to the 'Skins in the later rounds.

First, Delaware's Pat Devlin:

He's from the same school as Joe Flacco, but does not have the same rocket arm as the Ravens quarterback. Devlin is accurate, giving receivers a chance to run with the ball after the catch. He has an OK arm, but he does a lot of other things well, such as setting up quickly and with good mechanics. But the question in some expert's minds: downfield arm strength.

"The Redskins like to roll out and throw deep balls," Lande said. "That's where he would have trouble."

Next, Nevada's Colin Kaepernick:

Lande calls him the second best quarterback in the draft -- and a guy Shanahan might love -- though he rates him as a second-rounder. The 6-foot-6 Kaepernick is faster than Newton and has a strong arm -- with no questions about his character. The big question, though, is Nevada's run-option system, an offense that hasn't produced NFL quarterbacks.

It might make sense for the Redskins to take one of these guys, or another quarterback in one of the later rounds, because taking a quarterback carries a lot of risk. None of the guys with first round grades are sure things, so the 'Skins could look for help at another position early then try to find a quarterback prospect they like later.