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Albert Haynesworth Has Not Been Ruled Out Of Redskins Plans, According To Bruce Allen

Redskins general manager Bruce Allen gave a 30-minute interview with reporters today, and in a surprising admission, he said that defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth has not been ruled out of the team's plans. Despite being suspended for four games and causing so much trouble last season, Allen said the Redskins are "hopeful" he can help the team.

Via Ryan O'Halloran of CSN Washington:

"We were hopeful that he was going to help the team win and remain hopeful that he can help the team win," Allen said during a 30-minute session with beat writers at Redskin Park. "Hopefully, if we can give it some time to breathe, maybe we can come back with a fresh outlook on it."    

Allen said that he has met with Haynesworth, and while he did not reveal the specifics of their meeting, he did say that "he stated some of his opinions and I stated some of mine." O'Halloran interpreted Allen's comments to mean that the Redskins are hoping to trade him rather than release him outright.

Allen also said he has met with Donovan McNabb's agent Fletcher Smith, said trading for McNabb was the right decision at the time, said the team is proceeding normally as if there will not be a lockout and that they are exploring options for an indoor training facility.