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Carlos Rogers Says He Hasn't Had 'A Fair Chance' With The Redskins

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Carlos Rogers has been a member of the Washington Redskins since 2005, making him one of the longest-tenured players on the team. During that time, he has emerged as one of the most outspoken players on the roster, though also one of its most thoughtful. 

This winter, Rogers is a free agent, and he would love to cash in with a big payday, assuming the NFL figures out his labor situation. Last year, he blasted the Redskins and coach Jim Zorn and was visibly miffed that he had to agree to a $1.7 million tender to return for one more year. This year, he has been a model citizen and one of the players who respected new coach Mike Shanahan the most. But now, Rogers is a free agent, and his public campaign to promote himself has begun.

In an interview with "The LaVar Arrington Show" with Chad Dukes on 106.7 The Fan this afternoon, Rogers dropped a pretty huge bombshell on the listening audience. When he was asked about his Redskins tenure, which has been filled with coaching instability, and what it may mean for his free agency, Rogers said that he does not think he has received a "fair chance" with the team. 

"As far as an opportunity, for this team or for another team, I don't think I have had a fair chance since I've been here," he said.

More after the jump. Here's the audio.

Rogers said he feels like he's never been given a chance to be the top starting cornerback on the team. He's been alongside many others, but never as the number one guy.

"I've always been that second corner. I've played with Shawn Springs, I've played with Walt Harris, I've played with Fred Smoot, and now, I'm playing with [DeAngelo Hall]. I always played with a guy that they brung [sic.] in or already here, and they've always put me behind."

This means that, according to him, people are focusing on the things he can't do (catch the ball) instead of the things he can do (which is everything else, according to him).

"At this time, people focus on your negatives. As an agent and as a player, you want to focus on what you can do and what you can bring to a team. You can sit there and say, 'Interceptions.' That's all I hear, in my whole six-year career. 'Interceptions.' I didn't hear 'shut down receivers.' I didn't hear 'playing the nickel.' I didn't hear 'being a physical corner.' I didn't hear 'playing man a lot,' -- and here, I even played zone a lot. So you don't hear a lot of that. A lot of people focus on the negatives, and my thing here is to focus on the positives."

Rogers said that he is a fan of Mike Shanahan and that he thinks there is "potential" in the defense going forward. But eventually, he reiterated that he hasn't received a fair shake. This led to the following exchange with Arrington:

Rogers: "Do I think I have had a fair chance. No."

Arrington: "It's an impossibility to say you've had a fair chance, just because of all the change that has taken place."

Rogers "I mean I still hear interceptions."

Arrington: "Well you do got to do better at picking the ball off 'Los."

Rogers: "I've never denied that. I won't deny that. I have to do that. But does that define every corner?"

Arrington: "No, no it doesn't."

Rogers: "Every corner didn't have five or six interceptions this year."

Arrington: "Carnell Lake couldn't catch a cold, but he is a Hall of Famer."

Rogers: "Yeah. I look at Antoine Winfield. People look at him as one of the best corners. Check out his interceptions. I think he's been in the league about eight years. He probably has eight or nine interceptions. He got a lot of breakups, he tackles, he puts a lot of receivers out of the game. I look at Dunta Robinson. He's probably been in the league a year longer than me. I probably got more interceptions than him, or we're tied. Atlanta just paid him as one of their top corners."