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2011 NFL Draft: Cam Newton Officially Decides To Go Pro

Not that there was any doubt, but Auburn quarterback Cam Newton will officially be a part of the 2011 NFL Draft. The Heisman Trophy Winner announced he will put his name into the draft yesterday, saying it was best for his family. 

"This decision was difficult for me and my family," Newton said. "After talking to Coach Chizik and Coach Malzahn, I think it is best that I make that next step in my career and forgo my senior season and enter the NFL Draft. It was a very hard decision for me, especially after coming off the great season we had at Auburn. I'm blessed to have been around an excellent environment and have great teammates, coaches and support from the Auburn family."

Newton is obviously the big unknown this year, as draft experts disagree about his pro potential. He's expected to go in the first round, but where is the big question. The Redskins have a big need for a quarterback, and they have had a tendency to go for the big splash, so he will be linked with the Redskins all the way up to the draft. On the other hand, the Redskins could go with another quarterback prospect, like Blaine Gabbert, Ryan Mallet or even Jake Locker, and they could also elect to fill one of their other holes. 

Either way, Newton was going to be a possible selection for the Redskins. Now, we know it's official.