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'SB Nation Radio,' Episode 12: What Is Wrong With The Washington Capitals?

The Washington Capitals were supposed to be the winning team in this city. Instead, after a 3-0 loss to the Tampa Bay Lightning and yet another loss to the Florida Panthers, they are having their problems. What's up with that? 

We tackle that subject and more in this week's episode of SB Nation Radio on 106.7 The Fan. Is there a technical problem at play? Were they right to try to become more defensive-minded instead of playing to their strengths? Is there a psychological issue at play that has to do with fan expectations? Scott Jackson and Mike Prada discuss that issue on the show.

Also, we talk to John Keim of the Washington Examiner about the Redskins' NFL Draft prospects, bring in CSN Washington's Chris Miller to vent about the horrible Wizards' road start and talk to our own Adam Vingan about what technical issues the Capitals must solve. You can check out the segments here or listen live on 106.7 The Fan at 11 p.m. tonight and 7 a.m. Sunday mornings. 

SB Nation Radio Part 1: Mike and Scott on the Caps' struggles

SB Nation Radio Part 2: John Keim on the Redskins and the NFL Draft

SB Nation Radio Part 3: Chris Miller on the Wizards' struggles

SB Nation Radio Part 4: Adam Vingan on possible Capitals solutions

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