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NFL Playoff Schedule: Ravens-Steelers, Patriots-Jets Rivalries Highlight Divisional Rounds

As fans of the Washington Redskins, we're certainly used to rivalries. Our team's rivalry with the Dallas Cowboys is one of the best in sports. Or at least it was in the 1980s and 1990s when both teams were winning.

With so many teams nearby on the East Coast, D.C. teams' rivalries permeate across sports. Even at the MLS Draft yesterday, New York Red Bulls fans walked in chanting "Joe Theismann's Leg!" at D.C. United fans.

If the Cowboys-Redskins rivalry has faded, two rivalries in the AFC have only gotten stronger. Two great games this weekend between division rivalries with ensure that this trend continues.First, the Baltimore Ravens will visit the Pittsburgh Steelers on Saturday at 4:30 PM in what could now be the best rivaly in the NFL. Then in primetime on Saturday night, the surging Green Bay Packers will take on the Atlanta Falcons.

On Sunday, the surprising Seattle Seahawks will visit the Chicago Bears in the early game, and then we'll have another rivalry game to close things out as the New York Jets try to avenge their big loss to the AFC East winning New England Patriots.