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Rob Ryan Could Join NFC East As Defensive Coordinator Of Dallas Cowboys

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We talked earlier tonight about some of the biggest rivalries in the NFL. Well it looks like the Washington Redskins' biggest rival is about to hire a big coach with a big name and a bigger personality to be their next defensive coordinator.


According to, the Dallas Cowboys may be looking to hire Rob Ryan to replace Wade Phillips and Paul Pasqualoni in control of the team's defense. Ryan has been the defensive coordinator for the Cleveland Browns since 2009, and could be a good fit in Dallas since both the Browns and Cowboys play with a 3-4 defense. Ryan's defense ranked 22nd in the NFL this season, and he seems unlikely to return to Cleveland under new head coach Pat Shurmur.


What does this mean for the Redskins? Well its yet another dominant personality coming to a division that's long been known for its dominant personalities. Will that translate to an improvement on the field and wins though? Rob Ryan doesn't necessarily have the same reputation for success as his brother Rex Ryan, so this might not be terrible news for Redskins fans.