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NFL Playoffs: LaMarr Woodley Could Be The Redskins Top Target In The Offseason

For Redskins fans in recent years, the playoffs have been a time where they usually watch other teams chase their championship dreams. And since it's no different this year, might as well look at potential free agents who could come to Washington and make an impact. 

While Redskins fans have been disgusted with the term 'free agency' in recent years, the 2011 free agent class could potentially be a great one, and it'd be foolish for the Redskins not to consider some quality players that could come available.

One of those guys, who is currently playing in the Pittsburgh-Baltimore game, is Steelers outside linebacker LaMarr Woodley.

I could really see the Redskins zeroing in on this guy. He plays outside linebacker, a position of need for the Redskins. He plays in a 3-4 defense, the same scheme the Redskins employ. His former linebacker coach, Lou Spanos, is currently the linebacker coach for the Skins. Did I mention he's had three straight double digit sack seasons and is not even 27 yet?

If you are going after a potential free agent, that's the type of guy you'd want. A young, impact player who fits the scheme who can contribute right away. Although the Redskins have failed miserably in free agency over the years, they would still be wise to make this guy one of their top targets once the CBA is sorted out.