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NFL Playoff Overtime Rules Could Impact Ravens Vs. Steelers Game

Today's playoff game between the Pittsburgh Steelers and Baltimore Ravens is heading towards its conclusion. With under two minutes to play and the teams separated by only one score, this could be our first chance to see how the new NFL playoff overtime rules could impact a game.

The rule change states that if the team that gets the ball first scores a field goal, the other team will still have a chance. If they kick a field goal as well, the game continues. If they score a touchdown, the game is over. But if the team who wins the coin toss scores a touchdown on their first possession, they win. And if the team who wins the coin toss does not score on their first possession, the game becomes sudden death as we're all used to.

This could be a trial case for future overtime regular season games. Those four overtime games that the Washington Redskins played in 2010 could have gone a lot different.

The new rules were put in place because research showed that 59.8 percent of overtime games were won by the team who won the coin toss, and 34.4 percent of overtime games were actually won on the opening possession without one team having the chance to touch the ball.

So if this game goes to overtime, which team do you have more faith in? The team with a quarterback who is being coached by Jim Zorn? Or the team with Shaun Suisham kicking and Antwaan Randle El returning punts?