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NFL Playoffs: Bears Season May Have Turned Around After Redskins Loss

The Bears have been a different team ever since they had their embarrassing home loss to your Washington Redskins.

You remember the game. Jay Cutler threw DeAngelo Hall four interceptions, with the each pick being more bone headed than the previous one. After Cutler gave the Redskins a 17-14 win (and gave Hall his tickets to the Pro Bowl), the Bears offense were the laughing stock of the league. 

Jay Cutler was being called the next Jeff George. Mike Martz was an offensive coordinator that didn't care about running the ball or protecting his quarterback. The Bears were being called frauds. 

Well, losing to the Redskins may have been the best thing that could have happened to the Bears.

Chicago was 4-3 after that game, but since then, they haven't been the same team. The Bears went 7-2 (with the last loss coming in a game that they didn't have to win), with Jay Cutler and Mike Martz finding their rhythm, and the defense continuing to suffocate the opposition.With that, they won the division title and are currently beating the Seahawks at home in the divisional round of the playoffs, paving the way for a possible NFC Championship date with the Green Bay Packers.

Looks like losing to the Redskins can really turn your season around, eh?