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Chain Reactions: Alex Ovechkin's Scoring Slump, More Albert Haynesworth Drama And The Wizards' Road Woes

The Capitals are trying to get more defensive, but have they shut down their own superstar in the process? Also, Redskins fans are fired up about the NFC Championship game, and the Wizards are clueless and winless on the road.

WASHINGTON DC - JANUARY 16:  Alex Ovechkin #8 of the Washington Capitals warms up before the game against the Ottawa Senators at the Verizon Center on January 16 2011 in Washington DC.  (Photo by Greg Fiume/Getty Images)
WASHINGTON DC - JANUARY 16: Alex Ovechkin #8 of the Washington Capitals warms up before the game against the Ottawa Senators at the Verizon Center on January 16 2011 in Washington DC. (Photo by Greg Fiume/Getty Images)
Getty Images

In this week's edition: The Capitals continue to get themselves playoff-ready while wondering what happened to the Great 8's goal scoring, the Wizards can't win away from home, theTerps can't beat quality teams, the Hoyas go as Austin Freeman goes and Bruce Allen insists Albert Haynesworth could be back with the Redskins. Oh, what dark times we live in as D.C. Sports fans. No wonder so many Redskin fans are playing up the fact that the two NFC Championship participants were teams the Redskins beat this season.

Is Ovechkin Not Scoring Goals Part of the Caps' New Style?

I am all for the Caps playing a more defensive-oriented style these days as they try to be a better team come the post season. However, is it really necessary for Alex Ovechkin to stop scoring goals? OK, that is not really part of the plan, but it is the reality for the Great 8 these days. Ovechkin has just 15 goals (43rd in the league), and ranks just 12th overall in points

"My numbers are not that good and it's surprising to me. But I don't know what else to do but keep shooting. The puck simply don't go in right now. It's a long season. If I keep playing hard, it will. I know."

Bruce Allen and the Invention of Lying?

Among the highlights of Redskin's GM Bruce Allen's state of the team presser was his take on Albert Haynesworth's future with the franchise.

"We were hopeful that he was going to help the team win and remain hopeful that he can help the team win," Allen said during a session with Redskins beat writers Thursday. "Hopefully, if we can give it some time to breathe, maybe we can come back with a fresh outlook on it."

OK, for those that don't know, GM's lie for a living. Well, "lie" is a strong word. Let's just say they tend to "stretch the truth." On a positive note, Allen did not say, "The Future is Now."

Haynesworth's Biggest Off-season Test Ahead

Albert Haynesworth should be used to tests by now, but this test has much higher stakes than Coach Shanahan's fitness test. 

"You can't sue someone for $10 million because he didn't want to be your boyfriend." Mena's lawyer, Sal Strazzullo, said: "The case was dismissed on jurisdictional grounds because he has no ties to New York. We will either seek federal jurisdiction or sue him in Tennessee. There is a separate paternity case filed with the Family Court in New York because the baby is here. Albert has been served with notice that he has to take a paternity test."

Cam Newton Takes His Talents to the NFL ... but is he a 10?

Auburn quarterback Cam Newton led his team to an unbeaten season and won the Heisman Trophy in the process. He was hands down the best player in college football on offense. There are plenty of compelling arguments against taking Newton at 10 if you are the Redskins, but the selling of his scholarship to the highest bidder investigation is not one of them. If such things really mattered, the Ivy League would be the only one that put players in the NFL.

Wizards Continue to Play like Road Kill Away from D.C.

I like the Verizon Center a lot and think it is a first class building. The city is a better place for having it. The Wizards like it too and play their best basketball there. However, it is OK to win away from home? Really, it is, because the road losing streak is now getting historically bad. Hyponosis anyone?

"We play different at home than on the road," Nick Young said. "Times like this, the last five minutes, you've got to know who to get the ball to, and let them make plays. We lost sight of that, and it got away from us."

The next chance for a Wizards road win be Wednesday, January 19 at Milwaukee, as they will try to avoid being the sixth team to start the season with at least 20 road losses.

How Austin Freeman Got his Groove Back

Going into the season, Georgetown knew they would need to depend on Austin Freeman. I don't think they thought it would be this extreme. During the team's recent three-game losing skid, Freeman only averaged 9.7 points per game. On Saturday, he broke out in a win over Rutgers, with 24 points and a career-best nine rebounds.

So the formula for a win is simple Freeman good=Hoyas good.

"When I'm making shots," Freeman said, "our team is playing well."

Terps Come Up Short Again Vs. Prime-Time Opponent

A week ago, I praised the Terps effort against then No. 1 Duke despite coming up short. They get no pat on the back this week for another close loss. Maryland's lack of experience in the back court hurt, as they blew a 12-point lead in the final 10 minutes at Villanova. 

"We still have a chance to have a good year in our league," said Gary Williams. "We have to do it for 40 minutes rather than 33."

On the bright side for Maryland, there are plenty of winnable games in a weak ACC, and Jordan Williams continues to shine. He had 25 points and 14 rebounds against the Wildcats.