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2011 NFL Mock Draft: Blaine Gabbert, Von Miller And Julio Jones All Possibilities For The Redskins

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I'm no expert, but it seems to me that NFL Mock Drafts take up somewhere in the range of 40% of all content on the Internet. It could be more, but I'm not sure. They are constantly changing, so we'll try and keep up with them over the next three months or so. As of right now, the hottest name on these mock drafts in terms of the Redskins is Missouri QB Blaine Gabbert. Here is what Running The Zone, one of the sites that has the Redskins taking Gabbert, says about the decision.

A proven veteran who’s played in many big games to a quarterback who plays in a gimmick offense that doesn’t usually translate to the NFL? Sounds like Mike Shanahan might have made the wrong call on that one. But if there is a quarterback on the board, the Redskins almost certainly have to go that route, unless they want to roll with Rex "I fumble a lot" Grossman.

Not exactly a ringing endorsement, but it does kind of make sense. The Redskins need a quarterback and they may feel compelled to take one even if it isn't the best value where they pick. Let's cross our fingers that doesn't happen.

If the Redskins choose to go defense, one of the prospects who may make sense is Texas A&M pass rushing specialist Von Miller. Here is more on Miller from one of the sites that has the Skins taking him, Qi Sports.

Andre Carter did not work out in that 3-4 Defense so he probably won't be back. Von Miller as the other Rush-LB on the other side of Brian Orakpo would be SCARY! 

True dat. But I do question whether it makes sense for the Redskins to take a guy who plays the same position as arguably their best player when they have so many other holes to fill. But Miller won the Butkus award this year and would really help their defense. If he is the best player on the board when the Redskins pick, then they have to seriously consider pulling the trigger.

One of the other possibilities is that the Redskins choose to help out their offense at a position other than quarterback, namely at wideout. The Redskins could use a big play making receiver opposite Santana Moss and there should be one available to them when they draft. A.J. green will be long gone, but Alabama's Julio Jones should be available. Here is more on Jones and how he fits in the Redskins from FF Toolbox.

Washington needs to give McNabb (or Grossman) some weapons if either of them is going to succeed. Shanahan has proven he can run the ball with almost anybody and adding Jones to Moss, Cooley, and Fred Davis would give the Redskins offense a chance while they rebuild the defense and look for their next franchise signal caller.

Jones would be a good fit here in Washington, but I'm not sure that the Skins can afford to make that kind of pick in such an important draft. You can find good receivers in the later rounds, the Skins may need to take someone who can have a bigger impact this early. We'll keep you updated on the trends as they change.