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NFL Playoff Scenarios: If The Giants Win And The Packers Lose, New York Plays Philadelphia

As we noted earlier, the Washington Redskins can knock out the New York Giants if they beat them later this afternoon at FedEx Field. The Giants are struggling and the Redskins will surely be geared up to knock out one of their rivals, especially given their recent lack of success against the Giants.

But the more likely scenario is that the Giants find a way to win. They have owned the Redskins recently, and the Redskins always find a way to let you down. Assuming the Redskins do lose, what does that mean for the NFC Playoff Picture? Make the jump for a couple answers.

At 9-6, the Giants are tied with the Packers and Buccaneers for sixth place in the NFC. The Packers own the tiebreaker due to a head-to-head win over the Giants in Week 16. Green Bay plays the Bears in Green Bay at 4:15 and gets in with a win. Tampa Bay only gets in if they beat the Saints (they are winning as of now) and both the Giants and Packers lose.

But let's assume the Giants win. These would be the NFC Playoff standings.

1. Atlanta (rolling over Carolina right now): 13-3 if they win

2. Chicago: 12-4 if they beat Green Bay, 11-5 if they don't.

3. Philadelphia: 11-5 if they win, 10-6 if they don't. Chicago has the tiebreaker over them.

4. Winner of tonight's Seattle/St. Louis matchup

5. New Orleans: 12-4 if they win, 11-5 if they don't.

6. New York Giants/Green Bay: 10-6

In other words, if the Giants win and the Packers lose, they will play the Philadelphia Eagles, giving them a chance to atone for their most crushing loss of the season.