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Giants Vs. Redskins: Rich Seubert Carted Off With Knee Injury

Rich Seubert, the Giants' center and an important component of their offensive line, has been carted off the field with a leg injury.

Seubert went down while being beat on a play by Redskins defensive tackle Anthony Bryant. The center clutched his leg immediately and began calling to the sideline for New York's training staff. Seubert, unable to walk off the field, was carted into the locker room. Seubert's injury has been diagnosed as a dislocated kneecap, and he is out for the rest of the game.

Seubert has been with the Giants since signing as an undrafted free agent in 2001. He's put together a Pro Bowl-worthy season, but was snubbed this year. If the Giants win today and make the playoffs, it appears likely that Seubert would miss the postseason as well.

Shaun O'Hara is also out for the Giants today, and so Seubert will be replaced by left guard Kevin Boothe for the duration of the game. Boothe is a fifth year veteran who has been with New York since 2006.