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Redskins Vs. Giants: Brandon Jacobs Gives Giants 10-0 Lead Over Redskins

The Giants have extended their lead to 10-0 in the 2nd quarter thanks to a two yard touchdown run by Brandon Jacobs

On the 9 play, 69 yard scoring drive, the New York offense was able to convert on crucial third downs. Eli Manning had plenty of protection as Redskins defenders slipped on the way to the QB, giving him a great pocket to survey the field. The Redskins coverage did as well as they could, but several catches on the drive were on spectacular efforts, such as Derek Hagan's 15 yard grab or Kevin Boss's 24 yard grab inside the Redskins 10 yard line. But in the end, it was the Redskins biggest nemesis, Brandon Jacobs, who punched it in on a strong effort at the goal line. 

The Redskins have now gone down by double digits yet again to a division rival. In a game where the Redskins are playing for pride and the Giants are playing for the playoffs, it will be interesting to see just how serious Washington is about becoming the spoiler for New York's playoff hopes.