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Redskins Vs. Giants: Mario Manningham Catches 92 Yard Bomb To Give GMen 17-7 Lead

Just when it looked like the Redskins would get back into the game, the Giants struck with an explosive play to give them a 17-7 early in the 3rd quarter.

With the Giants backed up at their own 8 yard line, Eli Manning found Mario Manningham, who had several steps on DeAngello Hall, and Manningham took it the distance. 92 yards later, the Giants regained their double digit lead. It's the longest play the Redskins defense has given up this year. And considering this is the 32nd ranked defense in the NFL, the result isn't surprising.

Being down 10 points, it'll be up to Rex Grossman and company to somehow respond to the quick score. Although the offense has been inconsistent so far, they have found some holes in the running game and in the passing game.

If Grossman is to be the starter next year, he needs to finish this half strongly.