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NFL Free Agents: Albert Haynesworth Reportedly Wants To Play In Philadelphia

We've gone over this before, but Albert Haynesworth isn't technically a free agent yet. But there isn't anyone who knows football, inside the Redskins organization or out, that believe that he will be with the team in the coming season. They will probably try to trade him, but the upcoming labor agreements and his low trade value will make that a near impossibilities. So the only other option is a straight up release. So then we have to ask, who will be the next team to take a chance on him?

According to NFL Network's Jason La Canfora, via NBC Sports, Haynesworth would be interested in joining the Eagles and reuniting with his defensive line coach during his time with the Eagles, Jim Washburn.

Haynesworth had his best seasons under Washburn in Tennessee, and the Eagles are expected to make finding a playmaking defensive lineman an offseason priority. A healthy, motivated Haynesworth would make RE Trent Cole that much more dangerous. This all assumes that Haynesworth is released rather than traded. The Skins will try to get something for him first.

Let's keep in mind that a "healthy, motivated" Albert Haynesworth is something we haven't seen in a little while. That type of player would make a big impact on any team, including the Redskins. But there is no guarantee that is the player you're getting when you sign him to a contract. There is no word as to whether or not his interest in joining the franchise is mutual.