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2011 NFL Mock Draft: A Large Number Of Mocks Have The Redskins Taking A QB

Mock drafts are by no means an exact science. In fact, one could argue that they are the furthest thing from that. It's mostly just speculation from people who have no more inside information than you or me. It's mostly just opinion, actually.

But they are a good measure of public opinion. They can help solidify public opinion, and give a good idea of what most people consider to be a team's biggest needs. This year, for this Redskins team, that perceived need is quarterback. If you haven't seen D.C. Pro Sports Reports Mock Draft Database, you need to check it out. It compiles mock drafts from all over the Internet, with a focus on the Redskins. They recently updated, and many of the mocks listed have the Redskins going signal caller in the first round.

According to the Database there are 147 mock drafts taken into account. Of those 147, 60 have the Redskins taking a quarterback. Which is a pretty high number considering there are 22 positions on a football field and the Redskins need help at all but three or four of them. Here is how those 60 votes break down across the four quarterbacks that are considered mid-to-high first round picks.

Cam Newton - 18

It's no surprise that Newton garners the most votes. He has been one of the hottest names in terms of the Redskins pick over the last few days. even if it's just among those who write about the draft on the Internet, Newton's name continues to pop up.

Jake Locker - 17

Locker could have been the number one pick last year, and now I see him as a little bit of a reach at 10. If the Redskins really like Locker, I think they could probably trade down and get him a little bit later.

Blaine Gabbert - 13

After Andrew Luck pulled out of the draft, Gabbert became the consensus top quarterback in the class. He is so far down on this particular list because many of the mock drafts him him going before the Redskins would have an opportunity to draft him. If he is available at 10, he would likely be a strong possibility.

Ryan Mallett - 12

Mallett's stock has dropped significantly since his BCS Bowl performance. Like Locker, I think he would be a bit of a reach at the 10 spot. I don't expect his stock to rise any further at the combine either based on his limited mobility. This is one of the guys I would very much not like to see the Redskins draft.

So there you have it, if you ask those of us on the Internet who don't really know anything other than our own opinion, the Redskins are DEFINITELY going to take a quarterback.