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NFL Playoffs: 3 Out Of 4 Teams Left Are Running 3-4 Defenses

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Surveying the remaining teams in the NFL will quickly reveal one interesting fact, especially for Redskins fans.


Three of the four remaining teams run a 3-4 defense. That means that a team running the scheme will be playing in the Super Bowl this year. It's that same scheme that many Redskins fans believe they should have never attempted to run. The scheme that everyone in Redskins Nation believed would never work because the Redskins did not have the right players in place to run it effectively.


It may be true that the Redskins did not have the personnel in 2010 to run the scheme effectively, but you can't deny that watching the Packers, Jets, and Steelers defense shows that this scheme can be. It'll obviously take a multi year commitment to get the Redskins defense to even slightly resemble any of these teams' defenses, but if the goal is long term success, perhaps this whole 3-4 thing isn't that bad.