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Carson Palmer Trade: Why Trading For Palmer Would Be An Awful Idea

There could be another veteran quarterback available for the Redskins via trade, according to ESPN's Chris Mortenson:

Filed to ESPN: Carson Palmer will demand a trade from Bengals; willing to play retirement card, if necessary.less than a minute ago via web


As we know, the Redskins will likely need a new quarterback in 2011. Rex Grossman is no longer under contract, and we all know what happened with Donovan McNabb.The question is, should they go after Palmer?

The answer is pretty simple: No.

Not only should they not trade for ANY veteran quarterback again (hopefully they learned their lesson from last year), they definitely shouldn't trade for this guy.

Ever since his ACL injury in a 2005 playoff game against he Pittsburgh Steelers, Palmer has never lived up to his billing as the number 1 overall pick of the 2003 draft. He has been inexplicably erratic over the last several years, in addition to being injury prone. He had another killer injury in 2008 when he had an elbow injury, and his arm strength seems to have suffered ever since. Palmer did lead the Bengals to a 2009 NFC North championship, but like 2005, went one and done in the playoffs.

So yes, the Redskins may need a QB in 2011, but please, don't go after this one.