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Super Bowl XLV: Three Former Redskins Now Playing For A Ring With The Steelers

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When Super Bowl XLV kicks off in two weeks, there will only be three players participating who at one point wore the burgundy and gold. They all play for the Pittsburgh Steelers, and one of them will make you sick. Maybe you should sit down before reading this next sentence:

There is a pretty good chance that Shaun Suisham will have a Super Bowl ring in two weeks time. Yup, that Shaun Suisham. I'll wait for your anger to subside. . .

Suisham is still in the NFL, and will have an opportunity to contribute to a Super Bowl win this season, while guys like Dan Marino and Barry Sanders had to retire without ever having a shot at winning one. THE NFL is entertaining, but boy is it not fair. More on the other two former Redskins after the jump.

Ryan Clark played free safety for two years next to Sean Taylor, but was let go when the 'Skins drafted LaRon Landry. At the time, pairing Landry with Taylor was too tantalizing for the Redskins to pass up. But since then Clark has developed into a well above average starting safety, and has played an excellent free safety next to Troy Polamalu. Clark has been with the Steelers since 2006 and was part of their Super Bowl XLIII win over the Arizona Cardinals.

I have no doubt that with the benefit of hindsight the Redskins would have been very happy keeping Ryan Clark and drafting Adrian Peterson instead of Landry, who went with the very next pick. But I'm sure all six teams that passed on Peterson would like a re-do on that draft as well.

The other former Redskin on the Steelers roster is a fan favorite who departed very recently. Antwaan Randel El played with the Redskins for four years before re-joining the Steelers in the most recent offseason. In fact, I'm sure most NFL fans would probably call him a former Steeler instead of a former Redskin.

He spent the first four seasons of his career in the Steel City, and was part of arguably the biggest play in the Steelers Super Bowl XL win over the Seattle Seahawks. He is still the only WR to throw a touchdown in the big game.

We might not be so happy for Suisham, but I don't think you'll find many Redskins fans who have bad feelings toward Ryan Clark and Antwaan Randle El. Both left the franchise on relatively good terms and endeared themselves to fans while they were here. Those are two players I would be very happy to see add another ring to their personal collections.