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2011 NFL Mock Draft: Julio Jones Taken By The Redskins In SB Nation's Newest Mock

SB Nation has come out with a new Mock Draft and surprise, surprise, they don't have the Redskins taking a quarterback. They have the Redskins turning their attention to another aspect of their struggling offense that needs help, pegging them to take Alabama wide receiver Julio Jones. Here is what they have to say about his fit.

With Gabbert off the board, it's anyone's guess which of the remaining QB prospects Mike Shanahan might prefer. He couldn't go wrong advocating for Jones; the team really needs a top wideout, and some believe Jones is the best receiver available this year.

I personally think that Jones would be an excellent fit for a Redskins team that is in need of a big playmaker at the wideout spot. When he was coming out of high school, Jones was considered one of the elite prospects in the nation along with Georgia's A.J. Green.

Jones made a lot of plays during his career at Alabama, but he was never the game controlling player that many people projected him to be; and I don't think that is really his fault. He went to a school that didn't feature him as the focal point of their offense like he could have been had he went to a school with less talent around him. Alabama had to spread the wealth, so while Jone was their biggest threat through the air, he had to share the rock with a lot of the players around him.

As a player he is a great fit for the Redskins. He has the height, speed and ability after the catch to be a big time threat in the Redskins offensive system. They could be the beneficiary of having two top flight WR prospects in this draft, because if A.J. Green had decided to stay in school, Jones would be the top prospect by far, and might not be on the board when they are picking.

In terms of skill position players, Jones is somewhat of a sure thing, I believe. Receiver is considered a bit of a luxury pick, and I'm not sure the 'Skins can afford to take him. But if they are set on improving their offense and there isn't good value at this pick for an offensive lineman, Jones would be a good pick.