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NFL Pro Bowl: Brian Orakpo To Start For The NFC

Brian Orakpo only got into the Pro Bowl a few weeks ago, but he is already rapidly climbing up the depth chart. According to the official twitter account of, Orakpo is currently pegged to start for the NFC.

#Redskins OLB Brian Orakpo is now listed as a starter for the NFC in the Pro Bowl. Looks like he is replacing Lance Briggs in the lineup.less than a minute ago via TweetDeck

This a pretty big honor for somebody in only his second season. Orakpo is the obvious beneficiary of pther player pulling out of the game due to injury, but that shouldn't diminish just how well Orakpo played this season.

Two of the players ahead of him, Clay Matthews and Lance Briggs, were bound to pull out of the game after they met for a spot in the Super Bowl this past weekend. One would be preparing for the big game, the other surely not wanting to play just a week after their season ended. But I'm sure Brian will take it any way he can get it.