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Chris Cooley Is Recording Flip Videos During The Pro Bowl, And Needs Your Help

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It's the week of the Pro Bowl in the NFL, and as it turns out, Redskins tight end Chris Cooley will be involved. Cooley did not get named to the team this year, but he will be in Hawaii, and he will apparently be recording some of his world-famous videos. At least that's what he posted on his Twitter account earlier today.


Going to pull out the @Flip_Video_ and shoot for @NFLNETWORK . What do you want to see from the #probowlless than a minute ago via web


You hear that, guys? Chris Cooley wants you to help him find some ideas for funny videos to shoot at the Pro Bowl? We have to help him out. Here are a few ideas I came up with off the top of my head.

  1. Call over DeAngelo Hall, and go seek out a bunch of Dallas Cowboys fans. Walk him over, say you're interviewing them for NFL Network, and pepper them with questions about what was going through their head when Hall did this in Week 1. Videotape the best answers.
  2. Before you tape, huddle up with the NFC offensive lineman before NFC practice. Have them all agree to blatantly hold Brian Orakpo when he practices against them. Videotape his reaction. If the offensive linemen aren't blocking him in practice, talk to whoever is.
  3. Three words: condiment-eating contest.
  4. Hide a kid Seahawks fan in Drew Brees' locker. Have the kid wear a Marshawn Lynch jersey. Make it look like this.
  5. Spend all week interviewing Green Bay Packers players, asking them why they deserve to play in the Super Bowl when they lost to the Redskins. Question them as a team and ask them why they are in the big game and the Redskins are not. 
I'm sure there are more, but that's what I got right now.