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2011 Senior Bowl Practice: Jake Locker's Draft Stock On The Rise

It was a tough first few days at the Senior Bowl for Jake Locker. On Monday and Tuesday, he was the quarterback everyone feared that he was; strong-armed but inaccurate. We all knew that Locker had the ability to make all the throws, even when on the run, but that he might be inconsistent with his accuracy. Over the last few days of practice however, Locker has shown more glimpses of the quarterback that we hope he can become.

Brian Galliford at SB Nation compiled a lot of reports on Locker's abilities and progress through the week, and he certainly seems to be making a trend upwards. Here is an excerpt of the part pertaining to his improvement.

McShay thinks so: "We saw each and every day, Locker got better. His accuracy improved, and I think as a mid-first-round draft pick, Locker will be better off than if he's drafted first overall."

On day one, Wright was harsh, saying of Locker "Overall, if I had to give Locker a grade for his performance today I'd say it was either a C+ or a B-." By Wednesday? "For his first two days Locker played at about a B- level but today he was a solid B+, if not an A-."

Locker should be of particular interest to Redskins fans given their need for a quarterback, and the interest they have shown in him both this week and prior to last year's draft. If he can demonstrate that he has NFL level accuracy, I would expect the Redskins to give him a serious amount of consideration with their first round pick.