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'SB Nation Radio,' Episode 14: Andray Blatche, D.C. Athletes And Talk Radio

Doesn't it seem like athletes listen to talk radio in this town a lot more than in other places? We saw this happen with the Redskins all season, and we saw it happen this week when Andray Blatche once again called into 106.7 The Fan after hearing criticism by fans of his play. Why does this happen so much in this town? Is it just us thinking this without it being true? Not that we're complaining, since it's good for us, but is it always good for the athlete?

We discuss that and more in this week's episode of 106.7 The Fan with Scott Jackson and Mike Prada. We also discuss Blatche's situation in general and whether the Wizards are being too soft on him. Mike certainly thinks so, and he wanted to get his two cents out there on the air too.

We also talk about Super Bowl XLV and what lessons the Redskins can learn from the Green Bay Packers with our own Daniel Shiferaw, the Senior Bowl and the Redskins with Rick Maese of the Washington Post and the Capitals' progress at the All-Star break with Joe Beninati, the voice of the team for Comcast SportsNet. You can check out the segments here or listen live on 106.7 The Fan at 7 a.m. Sunday mornings.

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