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The Pro Bowl Should Be More Like The NHL All-Star Game

The format for the 2011 NHL All-Star Game has gotten rave reviews. Everybody seems to appreciate the fantasy draft - maybe because it brings back memories from elementary school recess, or maybe just because its something fresh and fun.

So we're left wondering, what if the NFL adopted the same format for the 2011 Pro Bowl tomorrow?

With three members of the Washington Redskins suiting up tomorrow, we've got to think that some of them would be selected pretty early. Brian Orakpo would likely be the first Redskin off the board, especially if a quarterback or offensive lineman is doing the selecting. Quarterbacks don't want to get sacked by him, and left tackles don't want to have to hold him.

The Team Captains would be smart to select London Fletcher fairly early also. He's a consistent tackler and a hard worker who would give maximum effort, even in an exhibition game.

DeAngelo Hall would probably be the last of the three Redskins Pro Bowlers selected. Outside of one great game against the Chicago Bears, Hall didn't have his best season. Although, if Jay Cutler was a Pro Bowler, he might want his team to select Hall, and he might want to request that Hall line up as a wide receiver. Those two have great chemistry together.