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Giants DT Barry Cofield Trashes The Redskins And Their Fans

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LANDOVER, MD. - Giants defensive tackle Barry Cofield was probably a little upset Sunday night after a Green Bay victory eliminated his squad from playoff contention. But instead of blaming himself and teammates for last week's embarrassing 45-17 loss to the Packers that essentially ended their season, he started taking potshots at the team his Giants had just beaten in the Redskins.

"You know, their fans were all cheering and what not," he said after the game. "That shows you the state of their team, that they were cheering about us failing. That's when you have no success, those are the kind of things that excite you."

Cofield said this in response to the Redskins fans who began to chant "Green Bay won! Green Bay won!" when it was announced on the FedEx Field Jumbotron that the Packers had knocked off the Bears, clinching themselves the final wild card spot at the Giants' expense.

Obviously, New York can't be too impressed by Washington since they have won the last six meetings and nine of the last ten. Todd Collins was the last Redskins quarterback to beat them and soon after that they rebounded to win the Super Bowl. Cofield has a 9-1 record against the 'Skins in his career and he's witnessed the swinging gate, Brandon Jacobs truck sticking LaRon Landry, and a 164-yard, three-point performance by a Mark Brunell-led offense in 2006. So it's easy for him to think the Redskins are the worst football team in existence because they hit a new low every time they play the Giants.

However, that doesn't excuse the fact that he bad-mouthed one of the more passionate fan bases in the NFL. It might be frustrating to hear the catcalls, but his bashing simply came off as being a sore loser in the game of playoff contention.

Just remember before you open your mouth again, Barry. You would never have had to undergo such a traumatic experience if your team had simply beaten Green Bay last week. Hopefully, you don't suffer any long-term damage to your psyche after those inconsiderate drunks in section 420 taunted you.