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Albert Haynesworth Suspended: Haynesworth Does Not Talk To Mike Shanahan On Monday

Albert Haynesworth's four-game suspension ended on Sunday, and as required, Haynesworth was at Redskins Park on Monday along with the rest of the team. He declined to talk to the media, coming only to take his physical. However, he did not meet with coach Mike Shanahan, which may be a sign that the two sides are moving on.

The news was first reported by Redskins Insider, and was confirmed by Shanahan in his press conference. Shanahan said he also does not know if Haynesworth met with any other coaches while he was here, saying he only took his physical. He added that Haynesworth would have faced a fine if he did not show up for his physical. 

Shanahan was asked during the press conference if he considered seeking Haynesworth out to talk to him and discuss their differences. Shanahan responded that he did not do that, because Haynesworth made a decision when he was suspended that he did not want to talk to him. He added at the end that he didn't specifically seek out anyone on the team, but it definitely seemed like he was not interested in trying to recover any sort of relationship with Haynesworth. It appears both parties have moved on. 

(Audio via ESPN 980)