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Donovan McNabb Benched: Mike Shanahan Hasn't Met With McNabb's Agent Yet

During the back-and-forth between Donovan McNabb's agent Fletcher Smith and the Redskins organization a couple weeks back, coach Mike Shanahan mentioned that he planned to sit down and speak with Smith at some point. That meeting, however, has not happened. During his season-ending press conference on Monday, Shanahan confirmed that he has yet to speak with Smith and that no meeting has been planned yet. 

"I have not talked to Fletcher. When I will meet with him, I am not really sure. We don't have a definitive date at this time."

Shanahan said he still has not made a decision on whether to bring McNabb back next season, saying he will look at film and make his decision from there. However, he did have one surprising admission: he wished he had handled parts of the McNabb situation better. In particular, he said he wished he hadn't used the dreaded "cardiovascular endurance" excuse that he used to defend his decision to bench McNabb in a loss to the Detroit Lions.

"I wish I would have handled the one in Detroit a little differently," Shanahan said. "I should have been a little more honest than I was. Sometimes, you do things to protect players, but you end up hurting them, so I wish I would have handled that differently.'

(Audio via 106.7 The Fan)