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Washington Redskins Injuries: Chris Cooley Has Knee Scoped Monday

It's the end of the Washington Redskins' season, which means the players who played valiantly through nagging injuries can now get them treated. It should come as no surprise, then, that Mike Shanahan announced that several Redskins have or will undergo surgery this week.

Most notably, tight end Chris Cooley had his left knee scoped this morning. The knee bothered Cooley at the end of the season and may explain why he didn't catch as many passes down the stretch as normal. Cooley sent out a Twitter message confirming the news.

Knee scope went great. I'm glad that wont feel like s*** anymore.

Cooley played in all 16 games this year, despite the knee injury and a mild concussion earlier in the year. 

Shanahan also announced that the following players will undergo surgery later this week:

  • Kendrick Golston (hernia surgery Tuesday)
  • Kareem Moore (right knee scope on Tuesday)
  • LaRon Landry (right shoulder scope)
  • Casey Rabach (right shoulder scope on Thursday)
Chris Russell of ESPN 980 caught up with Landry earlier in the day. Landry, who had achilles surgery earlier last month, said that was to repair a "micro tear" in his achilles. He added that he was happy he was shut down for the season instead of playing through the pain.