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Pro Bowl 2011: DeAngelo Hall Grabs Interception, Scores Touchdown, Could Be Game's MVP

Many have said that DeAngelo Hall didn't really deserve to make the Pro Bowl this season. Hall even said himself that he's "left a couple of plays out there on the field", hinting that this hasn't been his best season. After all, four of his six interceptions came in one game against the Bears.


Well Hall is currently proving everyone wrong, including himself. He does deserve to be in Hawaii at the Pro Bowl, and to prove it, he now has an interception, a forced fumble, a fumble recovery, and a touchdown. Hall is probably the current favorite to win the MVP Award.


Hall intercepted Phillip Rivers in the first quarter, beating Brandon Lloyd to the ball in the end zone. Then in the second quarter, as Peyton Manning completed a screen pass to Wes Welker, Hall wrapped up the Patriots wide receiver and then pulled the ball out of his arms. The corner back managed to pick up the ball and return it 34 yards for the score.


Not that its been difficult to intercept the AFC quarterbacks today. The NFC has had five interceptions already in the first half. Redskins linebacker London Fletcher even has one!