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Chain Reactions: DeAngelo Hall, Alex Ovechkin Shine In Pro Bowl, All-Star Game

We recap a strong weekend for DC's All-Stars and a good weekend for a pair of local college basketball teams.

I love the irony that an all-star game where no defense is played has a guy from one of the worst defenses in the NFL as the game's MVP. Congrats to DeAngelo Hall for picking up the honor, but can we go ahead and lose the Pro Bowl in the new Collective Bargaining Agreement? The game is a joke. No one wants to play in it and the guys that are on the field avoid contact at all costs. 

The NHL Knows All-Star Games

Sure the NHL All-Star Game has no defense and avoids contact, but unlike the Pro Bowl, it is entertaining to see guys in space on the ice fans like goals. However, keep in mind it is an All-Star Game that is meaningless (take note MLB). I even loved the draft they had on Friday night, and the last guy chosen was not treated like a geek in gym class like many sports writers feared. Instead the All-Star Phil Kessel got a new car and $20,000 to give to a charity.  Also, Capitals stars Alex Ovechkin and Mike Green racked up two points apiece.

Hoyas win, Hoyas win and Must Do it Again

The Big East is a Meat Grinder. Georgetown got a big road win on Saturday at Villanova, winning for the seventh time in the last eight games when they two teams have played. However, there is no time to celebrate the four-game winning streak in the Big East, with Big Monday and Louisville ahead. The Cardinals just won a double-overtime game at Connecticut. 

Austin Freeman also appears to be out of his funk. The Hoyas star had 30 poitns in the win against the Wildcats. 

Maryland in Familiar Territory

It is an annual right of passage for the Maryland basketball program.  Get off to a slow start in the season, dig yourself a hole and then climb out of said hole while everyone questions whether or not you can do it. They took another step in that direction with a 74-63 win over Georgia Tech on Sunday. Sophomore Jordan Williams continues to be one of the best low post players in the country, with 21 points and 15 rebounds against Georgia Tech.

The win over the Yellow Jackets came despite the Terps hitting no three-pointers. it was the first time since 1999 that Maryland failed to hit a three-pointer, a span of 407 games.

"We're not a team that can depend on style points to win games," said Maryland coach Gary Williams. "Our pressure defense helps us. Every team has to play a certain way each year, and that has to be us this year. We have to play with a lot of intensity."

Wizards Road Skid at 23 Straight ... Will they be Undressed in Dallas Next?

When will it end? Will it ever end?  It sure does not seem likely on Monday as the Wizards play at the Dallas Mavericks. Is there anything that's more unlikely than the Wizards beating a quality team like Dallas on the road?  I have the answer to that. It is about as likely as a stripper shortage in Dallas.

Smokeless Strasburg

Ok from the silly to the serious here. Nationals ailing Ace Stephen Strasburg is not only working his way back from Tommy John Surgery, but he is also working on kicking the smokeless tobacco habit.

"I'm still in the process of quitting," Strasburg, 22, said. "I've made a lot of strides, stopped being so compulsive with it. I'm hoping I'm going to be clean for spring training. It's going to be hard, because it's something that's embedded in the game."

Good for Strasburg and I'm sure the guys in the dugout are happy. There is nothing worse than accidently picking up a cup of Gatorade only to find out it is someone's spit cup.  Yikes!