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2011 NFL Mock Draft: Is Missouri QB Blaine Gabbert An Option For The Redskins

The biggest draft related news that broke yesterday was that Missouri quarterback Blaine Gabbert will be coming out early, and will be eligible to be drafted this Spring. When your a team that desperately needs a quarterback like the Redskins, the more capable prospects the better.

We go to SB Nation Kansas City for a quick scouting report on Gabbert,

Gabbert has the experience (two years starting), the numbers and the size to compete in the NFL. He has a strong arm, is surprisingly mobile and comes off as a smart player. There are a lot of things to like about him.

And also on whether or not they feel he would be a good fit in Washington.

The Redskins would be the perfect scenario for Blaine Gabbert. He would be going to Mike Shanahan, who has done a solid job with quarterbacks in his day, and with Donovan McNabb likely leaving there wouldn't be much competition for him.

Sounds like the kind of guy the Redskins would be interested in taking. But there are plenty of other teams that need a quarterback that could snap him up before the Skins get a chance. With all the qb prospects available though, that just means that a different one will drop to the Redskins.